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Welcome to the Light-Weight Identity™ (LID™) Wiki


LID is a quite simple, but powerful technology that empowers individuals to keep control over and manage their on-line digital identities. LID uses URLs as identifiers, is fully decentralized and supports multiple underlying protocols such as OpenID, Yadis and PGP/GPG. LID functionality can be easily added to a URL that you own already, such as your blog. It's also very simple, interoperable, extensible, and secure. It is the original URL-based User-centric Digital Identity technology.

LID Architecture



  Format Negotiation Service
URL-to-URL messaging Traversal Service
Session management XML-RSig

Public-key-based authentication

Relying party Authentication
Public key distribution

OpenID-based authentication

Relying party Authentication
Diffie-Hellman shared secrets
Yadis services discovery

How can I use LID?

How does it work?

How can I learn more or get involved?

  • For developers: Project Ideas, LID By Example and developer mailing list [1]
  • And please feel free to contribute to this wiki with questions, answers, better explanations etc.
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